About Tom and Robin

Public Speaker, Cremation and Funeral Counselor, Advance Planning Counselor, Veteran Funeral Planning Specialist

Tom Bloom has worked in the Funeral profession for over 30 years. He has managed funeral homes and over-seen cemeteries in nearby communities for most of those years.

Tom says, "My Goal is to help everyone know the peace of mind that comes from Putting Your House in Order. Planning ahead is an essential responsibility each and every one of us have to ourselves and our families. Planning for this, saves the ones you love, the emotional and financial burdens that go along with this time that certainly must come to all of us.”

Working with Veterans is nothing new for Tom. He has helped thousands of veterans and their families plan and take advantage of their veteran benefit rights. “It’s not hard” Tom says. “You just need to care about the people you serve, just like they have cared for us!!"

Tom and his wife Robin branched out and started Pre-Need Professionals Funeral and Cremation Planners to fill the growing need for families to have quality care and comfort during these difficult times. As Tom frequently states, "It is so important that every person understands the decisions they are making and is treated as if they were our own family." Now Tom and Robin work with numerous funeral homes and cremation societies all over the communities where we live.

Tom also helps guide families with immediate needs when their loved ones have passed. “Knowing how this profession works and having the resources like we do helps families know that they are being helped financially and emotionally by the right care facility”.

Giving service to people is nothing new to Tom. He served as a Bishop with his Church. As Bishop, he presided over more than 56 funeral services; this experience led him to the funeral profession. Tom is past president of a community food bank and a nonprofit hospice organization and strives to help them provide service whenever he can.

Robin Bloom
Along with Tom, Robin has been representing Funeral Homes for many years. She specializes in setting appointments and organizing events such as health fairs, BBQ's and seminars.

You might see Robin at one of the Funeral Homes or Services, represented as Staff, when needed. As Robin says, “Serving in this profession gives us a great love for people and a desire to help in any way we can. We especially enjoy learning about people’s lives as we gather information and talk about their accomplishments, while filling out the Advance Planning forms together.”