Travel Protection Plan

Did you know that over 50% of international travel is performed by senior citizens just like you. Traveling has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we’re away from home…anything can happen. Membership in a travel protection plan benefits you and your family. You can help safeguard from unnecessary financial and emotional stress at a time of need.

Travel Protection Plan will cover your expenses in case of a sudden death anywhere in the world and bring you home with no additional or unexpected costs. It’s an inexpensive one-time enrollment fee that will cover you for life, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in airfare. This includes customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world and all other costs if death occurs 75 miles or more from your legal residence.This also eliminates issues with language barriers. Travel protection is a great addition to any pre-need plan. 

Below is an estimate of what it could cost to bring you or your loved one home without the Travel Protection Plan. In our experience, if you travel, it is worth it!

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Watch the video below to learn more about how travel protection plans can work for you.

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