Pre-Need means advanced funeral planning.

How does it help you?

Most people want a celebration that reflects their personality, interests and life’s work. Who knows what you like better than you do? By doing a pre-need you are able to customize an experience that your family will always remember.

How does it help your family?

Either relieving an emotional or financial burden your family will be so grateful that all the hard decisions are already made. Not to mention the peace of mind it brings, knowing that all the choices are exactly what you wanted.

What’s the cost?

We help people just like you fit everything they need into the price they can afford. Pay up front or make low monthly payments. The moment you do your pre-need, your cost and prices are locked in. Rest assured you are getting the best pricing.

What happens if you don’t have a pre-need?

If a pre-need is not done and a loved one passes away, that is what we call at-need or an immediate need. We are still more than happy to help navigate you or your family through all the tough decisions that need to be made in a short time frame, but unlike a pre-need prices and availability can vary.